Our return policy is very simple. We believe in customer satisfaction and customer requirement. We deal with electronic items like inverters, batteries, solar panels, and electric accessories. So we made our return policy according to the customer’s need and an easy process to return the item. Our return policy is divided into some categories and conditions.

Damage product – We believe every product should be delivered safely with 0% damage. If any product is damaged, the customer can contact us and report the product’s damage conditions. We deliver our products through the best courier companies all over India.

Wrong product – We cross-verify every item dispatched in our internal quality department. If a wrong product is delivered to any customer, he/she can return the product and the right product will be delivered to the customer’s address within a time period.

Cancel product – We provide product delivery to every customer within 3 to 5 days all over the country. There is no cancellation charge for any product before dispatch. However, if a product is canceled after the dispatch then the customer will receive a partial refund after a deduction in amount as per the courier company.

Replacement product only – Customer satisfaction and customer requirement are our prime goals. If a customer wants a replacement for any product, he/she can contact us through phone, email and online tools. If replacement is determined for any delivered product, the customer will get the same model product with 0% defect without any additional cost. If no defect is found or there is no issue with the product then customers can contact the product brand service center and their helpline number within 7 days.